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When I was in my 20s I started having unexplained severe digestion and menstrual cramps. As time went on the cramps started to effect other parts of my body too. This later changed into body shakes, muscle cramping and finally body posturing. I called them attacks. I saw many different types of Doctors. Some of whom told me it was all in my head!! It was finally agreed that it was neurological in nature, and I was put on a cocktail of drugs for approximately 20 years. As time went on I had to take more medicine just to get by and even this began to fail. I was having attacks more frequently and it was affecting my job and my life. My husband would have to come pick me up at work. After visiting a new neurologist she suggested that I try some alternative medicine. She thought Acupuncture might be helpful. So I met Teresa. During my first appointment we realized that Acupuncture triggered an attack. My body went through the shaking, cramping and painful posturing for over an hour. Teresa asked if we could experiment with some Essential Oils to see if they could help. We found that Basil calmed the attack! Also after a few appointments we found that the oil and Acupuncture also prevented the attacks. I have been able to continually reduce the drugs I take to now a bare minimum.

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I’m Teresa, I'm a Montana girl at heart. I’m all about wide-open spaces. The warmth keeps me in Southern Cali! I ended up studying Eastern Medicine after way too many years of schooling. Let’s just say I started in Western Medicine and then flipped a 180 to Eastern Medicine, and now it’s about the best of both worlds and more!

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